November 2015

Presidents Message Mark Miesmer

Hello to all Four Lakes residents, both full-time and winter residents. I hope we all had a great summer for I am sure we will have a great winter. Many activities are planned with something being offered for everyone. These activities are mentioned throughout the newsletter and deserve your attention if you desire to participate in any of them.

As mentioned at last month’s HOA Meeting, the Rent Increase Letters have triggered our Annual Statutory meeting with C.R.F. That meeting was held on October 12th at the CRF Headquarters in Lakeland. The meeting was attended by your HOA representatives (I was unable to attend due to a medical situation) and Dave and Debbie Homer, Brian Altman, and Russel Lattin from CRF. Many topics were discussed with the highlights being (1) the Boat Launch--nothing can be done now due to the current depth of the water, (2) music at the pool-- CRF bears the responsibility to make certain that no copyright infringement takes place and steps are being taken to get in compliance with all laws, (3) the opening of the Great Room Bar--once again, CRF is using an abundance of caution to make sure that no Florida Statutes are being violated. They are committed to returning this amenity to the community, (4) video security in the Clubhouse - our HOA was committed to supplying video cameras and a DVR, through a generous donation from one of our residents, but at this time CRF could not make a commitment for adding cable and installation of the system. Since the property that was going to be under surveillance belongs to CRF, we have decided not to commit any more funds to this project. For a more complete report on this meeting, please see the minutes which are posted on the HOA bulletin board.

Also discussed were the bills from Republic Services that do not appear to be equal for all residents. The Board will be investigating further to get to the bottom of these inequities. Unfortunately, no resolution was forthcoming at the time this article was being written, but we will continue to question this situation. As soon as a final explanation is found, we will inform all residents.

Sincerely, Mark Miesmer

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