November 2014

Hello to all Four Lakes residents, both full-time and winter residents. I hope we all had a great summer for I am sure we will have a great winter. Many activities are planned with something being offered for everyone. These activities are mentioned throughout the newsletter and deserve your attention if you desire to participate in any of them.

As mentioned previously this year, your HOA Board has decided to limit the distribution of the HOA Newsletter to HOA members only. This policy change will take place starting with the January 2015 issue. Please see Ed Murphy’s Membership Director’s article in this issue for more information. Anew-member applications included in this issue and will also be in the December newsletters.

In another attempt to control costs, I have been in contact with our printer to determine if there is a savings in cost if we decide to print on lighter-weight paper. Due to the relatively small size of our monthly order, the savings would be negligible, at most.

We have all received our annual rent increase letters from CRF and this event triggered the Annual Statutory Meeting with management. The prime focus of this meeting was to reach an understanding as to how it was determined which homes received base-lot increases which varied from no raise up to a maximum raise of 2%. The simple (?) explanation is that property managers have a goal market lot rent for all properties. As we know, all of us have a limit to our yearly base rent increase of either $5 or equal to the CPI for our area. These incremental annual raises, at times, are outpaced by the increase in the market lot rent. For homes that are near this market rent value, the rent increase was either zero or less than the CPI of 2%. For homes that are substantially less than the market value, the rent increase was the full 2% as specified in our prospectus. As a rule of thumb, the longer a resident has owned their home, the further away from the market value they are, so they will have the higher rent increases. Those that have owned their home for a shorter period of time should be nearer the market value and therefore receive a smaller increase.

If anyone has questions regarding their personal increase, please bring your rent increase letter to our property managers for examination or explanation.

Sincerely, Mark

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