July 2014

Well, here we are in the middle of the summer already. While the days are heating up, there is much going on in our community. Jackpot, darts, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Bingo, golf, cards, billiards, day trips, karaoke, crafts, etc. etc. Many of us are as busy as we care to be and if you are bored at all, maybe this would be a great time to volunteer to staff or assist in many of our organized activities. The Jackpot night always needs helpers for sales of 50/50 tickets and Jackpot tickets, among others. Also in need of volunteers, is our Cinema House, which could use ticket sellers and concession stand workers. Maybe you could volunteer to spend a bit of time in the Library, organizing the books and keeping the computers supplied.

My point is, that if we would all pitch in and do just a little bit, a lot would get accomplished and our community will benefit tremendously. So, please take the time and see if there is some small way you can give us all a hand; it will be greatly appreciated.

As we are well aware, the Winter Haven area is in the midst of this year’s tropical storm season. Many have asked for information regarding Hurricane Preparation. In addition to the Emergency Guide which was previously distributed by the Welcoming Committee, there is much advice about this subject on the internet or local television stations.

Some useful website
Polk Co. Sheriffs Office www.polksheriff.org
Tampa Bays 10 News www.tampabay10.com
National Hurricane Center www.nhc.noaa.gov
Lakeland Ledger www.theledger.com

Also, your HOA has an Emergency Response Team in case it is needed in our community. John Monson is the chairman of this committee, but any of the Board Members are willing to assist if needed.
Sincerely, Mark Miesmer

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