May 2015

Hello, to all Four Lakes Golf Club residents! Its quite obvious that many of our winter residents have started to return to their northern homes. Heres to wishing you a safe trip, a great summer, and a speedy return to Four Lakes. To all of us that remain, I hope that we will continue to enjoy all that our wonderful community has to offer.

As previously announced, your HOA Board had a meeting with management; Brian Altman, Kim Calcutt, and Dave and Deb Homer. This meeting was held in the HOA Conference Room, Wednesday, April 22. The Board reiterated its statement from the April HOA meeting concerning our dealings with the resident managers. I can reassure you that steps have been taken to ensure that there will be an improvement in transactions with Dave and Deb. They have been instructed how to enforce the rules and regulations, which, we are told, will be revised within the year. They also were reminded that their demeanor could use some polishing when talking to our residents.

As far as getting permission to modify our homes, driveways, plantings, etc., we need to familiarize ourselves with the prospectus. This process has been modified to make it easier and faster, so please stop into the Managers Office if this applies to you. Along the same lines, there will be no retroactive review of modifications made prior to the new managers tenure.

I would also like to ask all of us to please give the managers a chance to grow into their positions and see if we can move past this situation and get back to our usual wonderful lifestyle.

As in the past, the May 14th HOA Meeting will be the last regularly scheduled HOA monthly meeting until September 10th. In the meantime, the HOA Board of Directors will continue to meet on a monthly basis to conduct its scheduled planning meetings. All members are always invited to these meetings. If interested, you will find the meeting information posted on the HOA bulletin board. If circumstances require, an emergency meeting will be called and announced in advance of such a meeting. As always, the HOA Newsletter will be published monthly.

Heres to a wonderful summer to all of our Four Lakes residents!
Mark Miesmer

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