September 2014

Hello to all, and welcome back to our winter residents who have already returned to Four Lakes. As active as we have been during this past summer, things will really get into gear now that the remainder of our friends are returning.

As more of our residents return, it is a great opportunity to see what Four Lakes Golf Club has to offer. To see many of our organizations and what they do, just stop into the Great Room and peruse the presentations posted on all of the walls in there. I think the organizations have done a terrific job with the displays that highlight each groups activities. Thanks to all that have contributed to this effort.

Another method of spreading information here at Four Lakes is, of course, this newsletter. From the informative articles, to the activities calendar, movie listings, etc., much information is distributed monthly. With nearly 800 copies a month, the newsletter is by far, our greatest on-going expense. The Board, in an effort to operate as efficiently as possible, is constantly brainstorming for ideas to control our expenses as much as possible. Since each months newsletter is posted online at www.crescentridgeconnect.com/ flgcnews.html, it has been suggested that if we limit the distribution of the Newsletter to HOA members only, we could save approximately 50% of our printing costs. We have not settled on an answer to this situation yet and we welcome input from members as to this solution. Please keep in mind that the cost to print each issue is approximately $1.25 per issue per month. You can see that your yearly HOA dues of $15.00 just about pays for 12 issues of the paper. So who is paying for the nonmembers? HOA members do, using valuable resources that should be going to the community. We welcome your comments as we continue to examine this possibility.

As stated in our prospectus, residents must accompany guests as they use the facilities here at Four Lakes. This is not to limit the enjoyment of our guests, but to ensure everyones safety and enjoyment. Please use the amenities as prescribed in that document.

Respectfully yours, Mark

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