October 2015

Presidents Message Mark Miesmer

Hello, to all of our neighbors and returning residents. Summer has sped past and fall is fast approaching. Of course, along with the increase in population, comes an increase in our activities. In other parts of this newsletter you will see many of our upcoming scheduled events. I would recommend reading about all that is happening and make plans now to participate in all that you care to.

By the time this Newsletter is delivered, the Fore Lakes Grill should be up and running. If you haven’t visited yet, I encourage you to come in and give it a chance. CRF and the new owners, Dave and Jean Hill, have done a tremendous job of redecorating and are to be thanked for making this amenity even better than it has been. If you are a fan of football, the Grill is the place to be to view your favorite NFL teams, for they have purchased the NFL package and will show many games each week.

I know that I haven’t mentioned it lately, but the speed limit in our community is still 17 mph and the stop signs still mean STOP, whether you are in an automobile or golf cart. Let’s please look out for each other and be safe.

We are actively pursuing the best way to implement a closed circuit security system for the Clubhouse. Hopefully, we will have more information soon and will report on such as progress is made.

The annual lot rent increase letters have arrived recently. This year CRF has used the greater of either the annual CPI of 0.2% or $5.00 to determine the raise for next year’s lot rent. For this year, $5.00 is the greater of the two. In addition, all of us have received a $3.02 per month increase in the monthly real estate tax pass-on. The Fire Tax Assessment that is a one-time yearly payment, has increased from $76 to $87, an $11 increase. This payment is due with our January rent payment.

The distribution of the Rent Increase Letter triggers our Statutory Meeting with CRF. When this meeting is scheduled, the Board will meet with CRF to discuss ongoing and upcoming issues concerning Four Lakes Golf Club. Suggestions concerning our agenda for this meeting are welcomed from all members.

Sincerely, Mark Miesmer

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